Fly Tying

With the onset of winter tying season is getting into full swing.I have the first two tying events under my belt The Arts Of The Angler and The International Fly Tying Symposium . These two events were well attended by both seasoned and beginning tiers alike as well as the curious . I had a great time showing people everything from building that perfect body on a classic wet fly to setting the wing ,it was an awesome time. I also took the opportunity to replenished my dwindling collection of tying materials.

And while I was out and about I took the time to visit the tables of my favorite tiers.    It’s nice to catch up and see what is going on at their vise and also to watch them tie a few flys to see the various styles of tying. Everyone ties in their own way and once in a while you will see something that you can add to your arsenal of techniques  that will make your time at the vise more productive.


A word about vise’s

When you make the decision to start tying your own flys the next step is to purchase the all important vise. There are many out there from  $20 Thompson AA  to $600 masterpiece vises. Which one you choose is entirely up to you, your style of tying and of course your budget.

Personally I started on a Thompson AA and still use it to this day and never had a problem with it. I can tie from a 1/0 down to a size 20 comfortably, no it dose not  have all the bells and whistles of its modern counterparts but it holds the hook just fine.As I got better at tying I thought maybe I should get a rotary vise . My next was a Griffin that has worked great as well and has seen a lot of action. The  most recent vise  purchase was a Renzetti traveler it’s a great vise. I like the cam lever all you have to do is adjust the jaws once for the size hook you are using and off you go.There are a lot of extras for this vise as well . Available for it is a nice back ground plate,a light & magnifying glass combo and a material holder.


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