Allow me to introduce myself my name is Allen .Most of you know me as Broadheadscreek as this is the handle I use on most of the internet forums I post on.

I have been fly fishing and tying flies since the age of 13 and am still on a quest for knowledge  in all facets of this great sport.You can never claim to know it all as there are new techniques changing the way we fly fish and tie flies occurring almost on a daily basis .I tie for the Catskill Fly Tyers Guild every year at  the Somerset Fly Fishing Show and The International Fly Tying Symposium and many other shows in the area .I teach fly tying at a few local fly shops and at TU meetings when requested as well as private lesson if you desire . I currently guide in New Jersey and Connecticut as well as host trips to Pa. and New Yorks Lake O Tribs.

My hope with this page is to impart useful information that I have learned through 36+ years of fly fishing and tying,so you as a fly angler or fly tier can take to the stream side or fly tying bench and use confidently .

I will also have in the near future a page that will feature my favorite patterns for sale . From classic Atlantic Salmon Flies and wet flies to dries , nymphs and emergers. So stay tuned you don’t want to miss out on this.

And as soon as I get it up and running there will be a calender of events so you will be able to view show dates that I will be attending.


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